Spring in Richmond

It appears that Spring is trying to make its way to Richmond. We have had several days in the 70’s but are still experiencing overnight temperatures in the 40’s. The good news is that the freezing temperatures are behind us and we can now forget about dealing with frozen pipes and turn our attention to spring based projects. A few thoughts on what to do now that spring is here:


  1. Assess how your house has survived the harsh winter months. Take a walk around the house and see if the winter has caused any damage.
    1. Inspect the gutters and downspouts to ensure that they are clean and clear and that water can flow freely. Check the splash blocks and/or any piping that moves the water away from the house for proper water flow.
    2. Inspect the roof from the outside and see if there are any fallen limbs or loose shingles on the roof. Check all the valleys to make sure they are free from leaves and other obstructions. Inside the house walk through the top floor and look for any signs of water staining on the ceilings. Go into the attic and inspect the roof from the inside for signs of water on the underlayment.
    3. Inspect the siding, fascia and soffits to ensure that they are still secure and in place.
    4. Turn on the hose bibs and make sure they are working


  1. Start projects that could not be done in the colder weather.
    1. Exterior painting cannot be done when average daily temperatures are not above 50 degrees.   Although most residential painters will be backed up with customer work at the beginning of the spring, now is the time to schedule the painters for your exterior work.
    2. Concrete work is difficult to execute in the winter. Now that spring has sprung, footings for additions, concrete patios, walkways and driveways can be poured. This is one of the busiest times for concrete companies.


  1. Get your yard (and garden) ready for the spring
    1. Aerate, seed and fertilize your lawn. Spring is the perfect time to make sure that your lawn is ready for the harsh summer months.
    2. Limb up trees, prune shrubs, and plant bulbs
    3. If you are really ambitious get your garden ready for the growing season! Last frost date in Richmond is typically around April 15th. Early spring vegetables can be planted now. Wait for last frost for planting all others.